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Item # HS-SPH-KT

  • Includes: (1) Telescoping Aluminum Handle w/Socket - up to 62"; (1) Extended Reach Pole w/Socket 24"; (2) Surface Cleaning Tools (1) Medium, (1) Large.
  • (3) Medium MicroWorks[R] Flat Pads
  • (3) Medium MicroWorks[R] Flat Specialty Pads
  • (3) Large MicroWorks[R] Flat Pads
Manufacturers Item #SPH-KT
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  • The SPHERGO[TM] surface-cleaning base tool together with MicroWorks[R] microfiber cleaning pads, was developed specifically to address problems presented by using traditional rag cleaning and wiping systems for flat surfaces.
  • The SPHERGO[TM] Surface Cleaning System is an ergonomic breakthrough, developed through extensive research and testing to address the physical challenges of manual cleaning of flat vertical and horizontal surfaces (walls, floors, mirrors, windows, etc.).
  • Spherical ball handle on the base tool allows the user to minimize musculoskeletal stresses common to manual cleaning processes.
  • The flat pad surface rotates around the ball handle, dramatically minimizing the wrist motions, repeated torso flexion, and straining movements that can lead to MSDs.
  • Tested according to REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) guidelines, the SPHERGO system was found to lessen flexion, extension, and radial/ulnar deviation when cleaning, compared to the results when using a standard rag or mopping system.
  • Spherical ball handle is engineered for optimal ergonomic comfort, allowing a more neutral positioning of the wrist for greater comfort and productivity.
  • Base tool is fitted with the appropriate MicroWorks[R] flat microfiber cleaning pad for the application.
  • Faster and more efficient, greater surface area is cleaned in one motion.
  • Improves productivity, reduces fatigue, Increases job satisfaction.

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