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At Clearfield Wholesale Paper Company, our 1800 products feature the industry's finest sanitary, maintenance, equipment, safety, food service, and packaging supplies. Our entire product line is inventoried on-site, and our responsive customer service department ensures prompt delivery of every order leaving the CWP complex. For more information on our extensive supply selection, please visit our product divisions below.

From all-purpose liquid cleaners to specialized carpet chemicals, Clearfield Wholesale Paper is home to an extensive selection of high-quality janitorial cleaning supply products. Our sanitary products are produced by the most recognized names in the janitorial cleaning supply industry, and our established manufacturer relationships allow us to pass our savings on to you... more>>

Toilet tissue, paper towels, trash receptacles, and wet mops—all are maintenance products no facility can do without, and all can be found at Clearfield Wholesale Paper... more>>

From floor burnishers to scrubbers to an extensive selection of carpet cleaning equipment, facilities of all sizes rely on Clearfield Wholesale Paper for their maintenance equipment needs... more>>

The safety of your employees is a priority that can't be overlooked.
At Clearfield Wholesale Paper, our safety product selection includes everything you need to ensure a safe working atmosphere—and deal with day-to-day bumps and bruises... more>>

Food Service
With a full selection of disposable food service products as well as a complete line of glassware, Clearfield Wholesale Paper has every item you need for your cafeteria, break room, snack bar, or next company get-together... more>>

Packaging supply products from Clearfield Wholesale Paper are designed to tackle your biggest packaging projects. From packaging tape to roll paper to stretch wrapping, CWP offers a versatile selection of high-quality packaging supply products... more>>

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